UK-Chloe Mitchell: Pipes and fittings.

UK-Chloe Mitchell: Pipes and fittings.

Section I: Contracting authority/entity (as stated in the original notice)

I.1) Name and addresses
Scottish Water
6 Buchanan Gate, Chloe Mitchell, G33 6FB, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 7936037662, Email:
Main Address:

Section II: Object (as stated in the original notice)

II.1) Scope of the procurement

II.1.1) Title: Provision of Barrier Pipe and Fittings Reference number: SW22/INF/1392
II.1.2) Main CPV code:
44163000 - Pipes and fittings.

II.1.3) Type of contract: SUPPLIES
II.1.4) Short Description: This framework is for the Provision of Barrier Pipe and Fittings for use in contaminated land application to Scottish Water.
Barrier pipe and fittings must comply with BS 8588 for clean water application.
Products supplied must comply with the requirements of section 27 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) (Scotland) Regulations 2001.
The supplier will be required to have the ability to deliver to all areas of Scotland and to Scottish Water’s appointed distribution partner.
The framework agreement will cover both operation and capital requirements.

Section VI: Complementary information

V1.5) Date of dispatch of this notice: 14/09/2022

VI.6) Original notice reference:

Notice Reference: 2022 - 509183
Notice number in OJ S: 2022/S 000 - 023513
Date of dispatch of the original notice: 23/08/2022

Section VII: Changes

VII.1) Information to be changed or added

VII.1.1) Reason for change: Modification of original information submitted by the contracting authority

VII.1.2) Text to be corrected in original notice No: 1

Section Number: IV.2.2
Place of text to be modified: Not provided
Instead of:
Date: 27/09/2022
Local Time: 12:00
Date: 28/09/2022
Local Time: 17:00

VII.2) Other additional information: Scottish Water will not accept the SPD. We will only accept a completed Scottish Water PQQ document. This Notice does not preclude Scottish Water from issuing other notices for specific requirements. Responses to the FTS Notice will be evaluated and only successful applicants following PQQ evaluation will be invited to submit a tender. Applicants who fail to supply all of the information requested in response to this Notice or any resulting tender exercise may risk elimination.
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